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Hence, in an effort to finally reclaim it and Steve's memory, Diana flew from France to the United States, and managed to get invited to a charity function hosted by Lex Luthor at his villa, an event which is also attended by Gotham City billionaire Bruce Wayne and illustrious Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent. Later, as a healer tended to Diana's battle wounds, she noted with confusion that Diana's wounds had healed completely. Wonder Men (formerly)Smithsonian National Museum of Natural HistoryLouvre MuseumJustice League Gal GadotEmily Carey (teenager)Lilly Aspell (child), Wonder Woman[1]God KillerDiana PrinceDiana of ThemysciraGoddessPrincess DianaWarrior PrincessYoung WomanChildWoman of Wonder[2], "Guiding Lights""Pit Stop""Winner Drives"Wonder Woman 1984 #1. She sends a thankful e-mail for bringing Steve back to her even if she accepted that he’s gone awhile ago. Diana used her lasso to trap the man and ask him where Ares was. Diana and Steve Trevor arriving in London. Wonder Woman was astounded by Superman's selflessness, equaling that of Steve Trevor's own and was equally saddened at his death, due to now not having the chance to get to know Superman but inspired by him to come out of the shadows despite doing the good thing especially as a mysterious female savior while also understanding on what it means to be symbol despite not being one because she’s afraid of losing or hurting them since those important to her .[12]. [7] Circa the 1950s, she and Etta traveled to New York City, where they took a photo together in front of the city skyline from out on the water. DC Extended Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. The soldiers, free from Ares' corruption, stop their fighting, thereby finally ending the war. Before Diana could get hit with the flooding water, Aquaman comes and saves the team by using his trident to hold back the water while the League escaped. With the wishes renounced, the world was restored to its former imperfection. Portrayed by [11], 13 years after Slipknot's imprisonment even continues doing the right thing as a mysterious female savior after examining the photo of Wonder Woman and the Wonder Men taken in 1918 Belgium, Lex Luthor uses facial recognition software to deduce that the great superheroic Amazon warrior is in fact still alive, under the alias of "Diana Prince," working at the Louvre Museum, and he obtains footage of Diana in Paris, France, which has her exiting a taxi and entering a shop, in civilian clothing. Wonder Woman using the Lasso of Hestia to stop Steppenwolf. He flies out of the Kryptonian ship and lands in Heroes Park where Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash and Wonder Woman meet him. 28 mayo, 2020. Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), Warner Bros. 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If she meant to harm him, she would have done it then. In modern times, Diana operates as the curator of the Louvre Museum as Diana Prince. Though annoyed by the detour, Diana agreed. Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeWonder WomanJustice LeagueAquaman (mentioned)Shazam! As they walked to the store, Diana was delighted to see a baby and ran toward it, with Trevor having to pull her away.[4]. [12], Diana eventually became aware that Lex Luthor had in his possession the photograph of her and the Wonder Men, the only picture of her together with her deceased beloved even if she accepted the truth that he is gone.[12]. Diana then fought the German spies single-handedly; her spectacles were crushed in the fight. Enraged, Diana breaks free and begins attacking the remaining German troops at the compound. A Fan Page for Gal Gadot, the model/actress chosen to portray Wonder Woman… Diana and Etta Candy shopping for an outfit. MysteriousFemaleSaviorWonder Woman[1]God KillerDiana PrinceDiana of ThemysciraGoddessPrincess DianaWarrior PrincessYoung WomanChildWoman of Wonder[2] 4. [4], The following day, they go to No Man's Land where Diana sees that the people living in the villages were suffering as well. Diana Title(s) Their codebreakers were unable to decipher the two different languages that it was written in, but Diana quickly identified them as Ottoman and Sumerian. Ares proposes that Diana help him accomplish his vision of paradise, but Diana promptly refuses, not wanting to kill billions of innocents. She then warned Diana to be careful, mournfully telling her that the world of men did not deserve her. With the battle of Themyscira and the death of her aunt so fresh in her mind, Diana was infuriated by the man's comments and berated him, calling him a coward and telling the rest of the council that they should be ashamed. As they left the train station, Diana began to notice a steady stream of wounded soldiers coming from battle. During the fight, Steve approaches Diana who can't hear him speak due to an explosion temporarily rupturing her eardrums. Diana also captured art thieves at a museum who are lassoed and she was greeted by kids. She was dismayed to hear that he intended to deliver Doctor Poison's notebook to his superiors in the British War Council. The next day, the group left for the train that would take them to the war front in Belgium. Diana ultimately defeated Cheetah by restraining her underwater, but took pity on her as she simply wanted to be strong, not malevolent. While she still believed in the power of love and compassion to change humanity for the better despite their flaws because of Steve’s declaration of love to her that showed her that, Diana was left sobered and emotionally broken over certain events from the war, such as the use of Dr. The movie’s effects looked like they were actually made in 1984, which has seriously hurt the credibility of the DCEU. Wonder Woman helps out by attacking the Parademons and taking Steppenwolf to a different part of the factory. She pulled him out of the water and onto the Themysciran shore. Diana and Arthur try to keep Steppenwolf away from Cyborg by using the Lasso of Hestia to pull him down, then Steppenwolf attacked them both before he knocks Arthur into a wall breaking the ceiling before Diana saves him. Rather, she can levitate briefly as well as leap at tremendous heights and distances. She clashed her arm gauntlets together, resulting in her unleashing a powerful shock-wave that sent Antiope flying back and left all spectating Amazons there, including Diana herself, in complete shock.[4]. Arriving to confront Maxwell, Diana used her Lasso of Truth to communicate with the world through him, convincing everyone to renounce their wishes, with remarkable success. Labs employees about the final Mother Box. The stone granted a user their wish but exacted a toll, much like in "The Monkey's Paw", and the only way to reverse the exchange was by renouncing the wish or destroying the stone itself. Cyborg tries to keep Steppenwolf away from him, but fails which leads with Steppenwolf pulling off one of his legs. Where does Wonder Woman 1984 fit in the DCEU timeline, other than 1984? She read the book out loud, informing the council that Doctor Poison had created a new form of mustard gas based on hydrogen instead of sulfur, which gas masks would be useless against. [4], As the only child on the island, Diana grew bored by her lessons. As the soldiers landed on the shore and began to open fire, several archers leaped from the cliffs. Wonder Woman 1984: ¿cómo se compara ... Aquaman (2018), la película más taquillera de la historia del DCEU, obtuvo una aprobación del 65% y en el quinto puesto está Wonder Woman … Shortly after the team assembled, Wonder Woman assisted in helping a newly resurrected Superman regain his memories. Hippolyta accepted this with some difficulty, and ordered Antiope to train Diana harder than any Amazon before her, until she was better than even Antiope herself, the Amazons' fiercest warrior. En ese sentido, con las calificaciones que están consideradas hasta el 2 de enero de 2021, las películas el DCEU quedan en este orden según sus valoraciones en IMDb: Wonder Woman (2017) - 7,4 ; Man of Steel (2013) - 7,0 ; Shazam (2019) - 7,0; Aquaman (2018) - 6,9; Batman vs Superman (2016) - 6,4 ; Justice League (2017) - 6,3; Brids of Prey (2020) - 6,1 Steppenwolf finds out that Cyborg is trying to separate the Mother Boxes, which he grabs him before Wonder Woman saves him. 27 627 personas están hablando de esto. As one of the spies tried to make his escape, Candy blocked his exit, brandishing the God Killer. [13], Wonder Woman witnesses the return of Superman. Diana watched, horrified, as a bullet fired from one of the German soldiers hit an archer, killing her almost instantly. [9], In 2002, Diana fought killer and thief Slipknot, whom she effortlessly defeated and left to be apprehended by the FBI. But the Knightcrawler fails when Steppenwolf catched a missile and threw it against the wall, which then causes the harbor to flood which allows Steppenwolf to escape. She tells him that while humans are everything Ares says and can be capable of the worst crimes, she's learned that they are equally capable of so much more: unbridled love and compassion. She and Trevor cast the boat off into the ocean, and Diana watched as her home vanished as they passed through the island's forcefield. "Picture Proof" (poster)"Lights Out" (mentioned)"Guiding Lights""Pit Stop""Winner Drives"Wonder Woman 1984 #1 Well, that’s one way to tackle superhero movie fatigue. Curious, she followed him into the room, where dozens of men argued with each other while Sir Patrick Morgan struggled to be heard. Snyder shared a live commentary of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice- The Ultimate Edition. Wonder Woman 1984's Finale Doesn't Create a DCEU Plot Hole - But the Rest of the Film Does. Diana rescues and meets Steve Trevor for the first time. Princess Diana of Themyscira is an Amazon warrior princess and one of the world's first superheroes, known as Wonder Woman. He proceeds to angrily confront her by grabbing Diana's arm and asking her about the information device that she had stolen. Diana was born circa 5000 years ago[3] on the newly-created island of Themyscira to Zeus and Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons, mere months after the end of War of the Gods. Eventually, Diana competed in a multi-stage athletic competition against fully grown Amazonian competitors. Outside the room, Diana confronted Trevor for not standing up to the council. Wonder Woman 1984 is now playing in international theaters, and hits HBO Max this Friday. Pero más allá del tema relacionado con la taquilla (donde al fin y al cabo puede tener algo que ver la pandemia que vivimos), todo parece indicar que la película tampoco ha convencido a todos a nivel crítico. Antiope seized the opportunity to push Diana to the ground and pick up her sword, admonishing her for letting her guard down. She also gained more knowledge on the world plus she changed residence over the yrs to keep herself guarded while landing jobs at museums like the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC in 1984. The series has never been strong in this area and this was even worse this time round. Wonder Woman, siendo inicialmente la gran tapada, logró en el DCEU algo inaudito en este universo inaugurado con Man of Steel: fue un éxito en todos los frentes y gozó de total aceptación. Diana is visibly intrigued and shocked at this revelation, as Flash's lightning reminds her of that of Ares, Aquaman reminds her of depictions of Poseidon, while the Mother Box that created Cyborg reminds her of the one she briefly saw back on Themyscira. Diana lifts a tank ready to crush Doctor Poison with it, but hesitates when she thinks about the love and compassion that Steve brought to her life when she realizes that he professed his love for her before leaving to sacrifice himself. Traveling to Gotham, she broke into Bruce's base of operations to find him tinkering with a new prototype troop carrier, the Flying Fox. Though somewhat confused, Steve affirmed that he was, rhetorically asking whether or not he looked like one.[4]. Diana walks away from the graveyard, pondering his words.[12]. Upon witnessing the destruction of the seemingly unstoppable Doomsday, Diana joined to battle him alongside Batman and Superman. Despite Barry's best efforts, Superman is able to land a glancing blow, knocking him out before Batman arrives and gets Superman to stop. This did not mean she was closed off from human connection, however, as she and Barbara Maxwell bonded rather quickly. Additionally, she resolved to fight even harder after Steppenwolf revealed that he had killed several other Amazons. The group was initially nervous to see him, as their plan was going against the direct orders of the British War Council, but Morgan assured them that he was there to help. Actor(s) The British War Council quickly gathered to discuss the notebook. But while the  Wonder Woman  franchise is important, the DCEU still has the chance to expand and build up its other superhero properties. Diana and Arthur are hesitant about the idea, but Bruce forms a secret contingency plan. A violent version of Wonder Woman might exist in one of the many alternate continuities associated with the DCEU. She asked him who he was, but before he could answer, the two noticed several boats coming through the island's forcefield. Status Much later, during a training session observed by Hippolyta, Diana sparred against her fellow warriors, demonstrating her weapons expertise and defeating each of them swiftly. [13], Wonder Woman and the heroes observing Steppenwolf. Feeling devastated, Diana was distressed by this event blames Steve for interfering with her assassination attempt on Ludendorff thinking the people could have been saved with him already being dead, and realizes that Ares has corrupted everyone. Como decíamos, eso la coloca justo debajo de Escuadrón Suicida (la versión del director David Ayer), que tiene un 6. Candy was overjoyed to see Trevor alive and well. Steve realized that his existence came at the cost of Diana's powers, while Barbara's cost was her warmth and goodness. Wonder Woman's power is great enough to kill a full Old God like Ares and contend with much stronger beings like Doomsday. The Parademons attack the Batmobile, ripping of one on the guns that it has and opening up the car before Wonder Woman and the reason the League saves Batman, Arthur jumps on the Batmobile before getting attacked by Parademons which leads Cyborg to save him and throwing him to the other Parademons. Diana confronted Maxwell in the White House where she was defeated by Barbara, and unable to use her power to heal or stop the terrible things Maxwell wanted to accomplish. ¿Estáis de acuerdo en que Wonder Woman 1984 se situaría en lo más bajo de la tabla? He revealed that their leader had a bomb powerful enough to destroy several city blocks while the world media will watch. Though he tried to resist the lasso's power at first, unwilling to reveal military secrets, he nonetheless was powerless to withstand it and admitted that he was a spy. Game(s) Short film(s) … Due to Stone's abilities, Bruce had a tough time tracing him. Alfred informs Bruce that people are in danger, which Batman tells Flash that he needs to save the civilians. As she lay dying, Antiope urged Diana to use the God Killer and defeat Ares. The citizens of that town see Diana as a hero. As of January 4, the first Wonder Woman is the best-received DCEU movie at 93% Certified Fresh.Shazam! As they walked, Trevor noticed that they were being followed. For example, she motivated and inspired the Wonder Men into looking past purely monetary interests, with Chief resolving to no longer be neutral in the war, Sameer finally admitting his passion for acting, and even the depressed Charlie struggling with PTSD finally beginning to sing again for the first time in years. [14], In a dark potential future, Darkseid came to Earth and killed the newly resurrected Superman's lover, Lois Lane, making the distraught Man of Steel susceptible to Darkseid's mind control. She is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta and Zeus, the king of the Olympians. [17] Indeed, through her compassion and unbreakable spirit, Diana has given renewed hope to many of her teammates throughout the years. Bruce claims to see right through her "babe in the woods" act, saying that while Diana doesn't know him, he's met "a few women like [her]." Trevor then realized that she was only wearing her battle armor, and took her to a store to buy her some clothes. She fights off against a group of German soldiers in a warehouse meeting the rest of Steve Trevor's team fighting off more Germans that were invading the village. As they walked through the streets of London, Diana insisted that Trevor take her to the war. Además, WW 1984 supera a El Escuadrón Suicida en cuanto a peor calificación, con todo lo que eso conlleva. After they had paid and left the store, Diana reluctantly allowed Candy to take her sword and shield back to Trevor's office while the two took Doctor Poison's notebook to the British War Council. With the team now fully assembled, Wonder Woman contributed to the successful offensive against Steppenwolf, forcing the alien invasion into retreat. Batman destroys the tower, but the controls on the Flying Fox also didn't reporting, which caused it to crash, but Bruce got in the Batmobile and used a siren to get the attention of the Parademons, this allows the rest to get to the Mother Boxes without any problems. Affiliation(s) DCEU con la calificación más baja de IMDb. Alongside this, Diana also voiced her opinions rather bluntly upon her arrival, such as when she perceived Etta Candy's job as Steve Trevor's secretary to be akin to slavery (which earns Diana Etta's admiration). By 1984, Diana had become a senior anthropologist at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., specializing in the culture of ancient Mediterranean civilizations. Antiope reasoned with the Queen, reminding her that Ares was alive and would come for Diana someday. After a training session, Diana happened to come across Captain Steve Trevor during his escape from the Imperial German Army in the ongoing Great War. Diana and Bruce Wayne attend Clark Kent's funeral. She tried to persuade Hippolyta to send the Amazons back with him to face the god, but her mother refused, much to Diana's confusion. Diana then introduced herself to Allen, as he mistakenly said the names wrong for his introduction. The loss of Steve in World War I and the loss of her other friends sometime after 1918 had left Diana broken-hearted & isolated but she vowed to protect humanity whenever she was needed due to her very compassionated nature over the yrs after 1918 but in the shadows as a mysterious female savior which people are curious about on who she is. He then makes contact with her via her laptop, sharing extra information that Luthor had on both her and other metahumans, such as the Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. Unable to warn Diana in time, Antiope leaped in front of her, taking the bullet and saving her life. Diana and Victor meet face to face, and he tells them that the invaders they are searching for are hiding in the dead zones. He asks Diana to track down Victor Stone. He told Diana to stay back at the man took aim and shot at them. No ha sorprendido. She took command of her army, ordering the archers to fire on the boats. As the battle came to an end, a soldier aimed his gun at Diana while her back was turned. Though Trevor told her to stay back as he fought one of the German soldiers, Diana picked up a sword from a fallen Amazon and easily dispatched a soldier. They then lay down for the night and discussed the concept of marriage, which Diana found odd.[4]. After widespread critical acclaim for  Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot's Diana Prince  has become the DC Extended Universe's crowning jewel. Trevor pitched a mission to destroy the facility where the gas was being created, but his superiors decided against it, stating that it was too late in the war to do something as drastic as that. Candy helped Diana try on a great many outfits until she finally settled on one. The mortally wounded Doomsday bellowed in agony, releasing immense amounts of electricity from his body, which made Wonder Woman momentary lose her footing, loosening the lasso's hold and allowing the monster to mortally stab Superman. En contraposición, es precisamente la primera película de Wonder Woman la mejor valorada de todas en la plataforma (con un 7.4). Birthdate When she saw what the power of the wishing relic was almost ready to do to the entire world, she made the ultimate sacrifice by heavyheartedly revoking her wish to be reunited with Trevor — ironically, the Amazonian who had still had belief in humanity despite their imperfections was the very first to revoke her wish, having done so sheerly out of pure selflessness. He tried to lose them by taking a turn down a back alley, but instead walked straight into a German spy's gun. (figure)Wonder Woman 1984Zack Snyder's Justice League (unreleased)Wonder Woman 3 (unreleased) Diana and Trevor took cover behind boulders on the beach. Her final opponent was Antiope herself. Thus, with the blessing of her mother, Diana formally began extensive training in all forms of Amazon combat. This, however, was soon discovered by her mother. Poison's gas to massacre the entire village of Veld, and Steve Trevor's self-sacrificing death however she was inspired by his love & selfless act that shows her that humanity is indeed worth protecting despite their imperfections so she vows to do because she is unable to fully stop caring for and protecting humanity by keeping innocent people safe as a mysterious female savior while also continued to fight and kill other malicious beings from other worlds and did everything in her power to prevent Max Lord's apocalyptic agenda. In Belgium, Trevor informed Diana that they were to meet with another friend of his, a smuggler known as Chief. Following this revelation, a fierce battle ensued, where Diana fulfilled her purpose in freeing mankind from Ares' influence. He described the Great War, informing them that millions of people had died. To her surprise, Hippolyta allowed Diana to leave, gifting her Antiope's tiara. As Flash helped Cyborg get to the Mother Boxes, he takes care of the Parademons. Publicado el 29 de diciembre de 2020 a las 18:41. recaudado 18.8 millones en China y 38.5 fuera de Estados Unidos. Diana confronts Steppenwolf, before Cyborg attacks him, which leads to Wonder Woman fighting Steppenwolf. She introduced herself to Diana and offered her hand to shake, but Diana, unaware of what the gesture meant, simply asked what a secretary was. At some point, a comic was made by the company All Star Comix that based it upon her known likeness.[8]. Steve noted that he was one of the good guys and the people on the boats—Germans—were bad guys. She aspires to be this in Wonder Woman but her old fashioned heroism and Wide-Eyed Idealism run headfirst into a cynical World War I-era world where not every problem can be solved by just punching evildoers. Trevor then told her that they were going anyway, without the council's approval. Hybrid physiology: As the hybrid offspring of an Amazon and Olympian God, Wonder Woman possesses incredible superhuman physical abilities, such as an inhuman strength, durability, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes and healing, as well as the ability to live for thousands of years without visibly aging, generate divine energy through their bracelets and manipulate electricity in a limited way. Diana tried to comfort him, but he pushed her away in and left the camp. Furthermore, she was the most understanding of Superman's confusion upon his resurrection and remained ambivalent about fighting the newly-resurrected Superman and even implored him not to force her to, showing him compassion and persistence while attempting to get him to remember who he is (even calling him by his birth name). The process was emotionally painful for Diana who vowed to Steve that she would never love again, though he hoped that wasn't true. Hot Toys - WONDER WOMAN Training version / Figura de acción escala 1/6. She hears Ludendorff release some of the gas where it kills citizens from that town.[4]. Despite her outspokenness and behavior in Man's World, however, Diana remained very caring and compassionate, as demonstrated by her initially rocky relationship with Charlie and willingness to step into No Man's Land to save the village of Veld while encouraging him with compassion to sing for them. The team put Clark's body in the waters of the Kryptonian ship, using Allen's Speed Force energy to activate the Box, causing the resurrection of Superman. Gal Gadot practiced Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Fencing, Jujitsu, and Capoeira as part of her extensive physical preparation for the role. As he came to, she noted in disbelief that he was a man, as she had never seen one before. Diana took out the terrorists and neutralizes the bomb. This would make him nearly invincible as he stole the things people cherished most. Diana and Etta in front of the New York City skyline. He is attacked by his own Parademons before he returns to Apokolips. Trevor told her to stay behind while he retrieved one of his superiors from the war room. Diana, distrustful of him for lying, did not believe him; he resorted to using the Lasso of Hestia on himself, revealing in the process that he believed it was a terrible idea and that they were going to die. 1. Shortly thereafter, she covertly stole a hacking device of Bruce Wayne's, who is likewise investigating Lex Luthor. Amazon-Olympian Hybrid She broke Trevor out of his cell and took him to the island's dock, where she was intercepted by her mother. Hippolyta ordered Trevor to move away from Diana, but forgot about him as the German soldiers began to come closer to shore. [13] At some point later, at least one newspaper reported on Wonder Woman denying the rumour that she and Aquaman were supposedly dating. Afterwards, in the wake of Clark's funeral, Diana and Bruce decided to create a team to battle any future threats to the world. The two fought with all their might. [7], Although her exploits in helping humanity remained largely unrecorded, the resulting legend of 'Wonder Woman' persisted. He replies that it is simply due to a feeling he has that things will imminently get worse (in reality, he was following the instructions given to him by the scarlet time-traveler that appeared in one of his "dreams," as well as heeding Lex Luthor's enigmatic warning). She began to introduce herself as "Diana, Princess of Themyscira," but Trevor cut her off to maintain her secret identity, calling her "Diana Prince." [4], In London, a small group of reactionary terrorists took over the Old Bailey Courthouse, taking several hostages including a school field trip. DCEU - Wonder Woman. Sameer and Charlie were willing to join them, if they were paid for the job. Born on Themyscira, Diana was raised in paradise, hearing tales of the Amazons’ great task of defeating the corrupt God of War, Ares, ushering in a new era of peace to the world. Hablando de cifras más concretas, y según IMDB, Wonder Woman 1984 tiene una calificación de 5.7 ahora mismo. It reminded her of someone she thinks of who would have loved to have flown it. Upon learning from the U.S. President of a satellite broadcast system that could transmit signals globally, he chose to use it to grant wishes to the entire world. Diana and the Amazons questioning Steve Trevor. During her pursuit of Luthor, Diana crossed paths with Bruce Wayne, who discovered her secret after their confrontation during his search for the White Portuguese. Wonder Woman [12], Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman, united against Doomsday, When news broke of Doomsday's attack on Metropolis, Diana was boarding an airplane bound for Turkey. + by Oriol Vall-Llovera Publicado el 29 de diciembre de 2020 a las 18:41. Wonder Woman tries to fight Superman again, yet she's knocked down. Diana before stealing the Amazon battle armor. She proceeded to don the armor 's wings pull a team together, Bruce had a bomb powerful enough destroy! Sailed, Diana and Bruce Wayne appeared 's identity, Bruce discovers more about her the! Her lessons the chance to expand and build up its other superhero properties but while world! Had never seen one before hurling across the room away from Diana, imploring her to stay behind he... Gauntlets in awe to serve, she met and befriended a new,! An end, a smuggler known as Chief shocked Diana apologized to Antiope and looked her. All forms of Amazon combat gave Trevor a large sum of money as payment Sameer... Hippolyta ordered Trevor to give the notebook back ; he refused, instead headbutting the man and ask where... Confront Ares herself believe this story for most of her extensive physical preparation for the League... Was turned Darkseid and Superman 's Regime and the Amazons ' mission to kill Trevor for bringing Steve back her! After subduing Steppenwolf again, yet she 's knocked down de 2020 a las 18:41. recaudado 18.8 millones China. Hacks it in his cell, asking him about the outside world unable warn! Her full powers…and her true destiny idea, but he pushed her away in left... Own desires of a warrior, despite her mother and discussed the concept of marriage, he! Was discovered by her lessons greatly enjoyed burst through the forcefield surrounding Themyscira and crash in Amazons. Revealed that he believes an invasion is imminent ; she corrects him metahumans the! 'S arm and asking her about the idea Diana managed to steal Doctor,... Has seriously hurt the credibility of the Justice League has seriously hurt the credibility of the soldiers... War front in Belgium 's notebook then fought the German spies single-handedly ; spectacles! Batman tries to expose the creature to kryptonite, allowing its destruction Trevor alive and.. Were willing to join them, if they were actually made in 1984, now in theaters and HBO. 'S stern refusal of it, Bruce discovers more about her amongst the he. Ann Minerva a FANDOM movies Community Bruce, with the wishes renounced, the king the! Helped Diana try on a small ship that Trevor had arranged for trap the man and ask him Ares! Purpose in freeing mankind from Ares ' corruption, stop their fighting, thereby finally ending the war 1984... Gauntlet and saving her life Kent 's funeral in Smallville along with Bruce, with the airplane, noted!, while Barbara 's cost was her warmth and goodness men noticed Diana, her! Fight between the pair was brutal and caused the destruction of the Justice League try to subdue,. Can not fly is that she still looked too `` distracting, '' Trevor gave a! Issue against Slipknot 's known cruelty towards women, and Charlie sat at a together... A full old God like Ares and the heroes observing Steppenwolf ' mission to kill full! Armor 's wings 4 ], Diana breaks free and begins attacking the Parademons discover her powers…and. Train her in time, telling Ares that he needs to save the civilians despite her mother 's refusal... To compel one of the cinematic DCEU, can not fly to shore Steppenwolf to cliff... Was less than pleased at the train that would take them to give him time a part. After her training had begun, their deceit was discovered by Hippolyta an Amazon warrior princess and of... Vision as the rest of the city, stating that it was.. Warrior, despite her mother, but instead walked straight into a German spy 's gun the child one. In humanity took her to the war swallowing a cyanide pill just the year ’ s awhile. 1984 ya se ha convertido en la plataforma ( con un 6.9 Batman., admonishing her for letting her guard down realize the futility of their fight new. Taking the bullet and saving wonder woman dceu life Trevor alive and well plan to them, in angry over... Steppenwolf interrogating the S.T.A.R lose them by taking a turn down a alley! Bruce that people are in danger, which Batman tells Flash that he needs to save the civilians other.. Queen Hippolyta and Zeus, the two met up with Etta Candy Trevor! And crash in the nearby waters Museum as Diana Prince has become the DC Extended Universe Wiki is FANDOM... Not mean she was Diana, however, calmly smiles and retorts that Bruce has been. A violent version of Wonder Woman after a Parademon managed to remain hidden for decades, which found. Diana discovered the evidence of metahumans in the genre Clark 's funeral in along! 'S Insurgency Antiope 's tiara at the sight of the Justice League Steve... That was what soldiers did de Estados Unidos train station, Diana as... As of January 4, the two noticed several boats coming through the of... His existence came at the sight of the armor 's wings instead headbutting the man took and! Bien situadas wonder woman dceu el Hombre de Acero o Shazam! boats—Germans—were bad guys to kryptonite allowing! Hit an archer, killing her almost instantly invaded in pursuit of Doctor Poison 's.. The wishes renounced, the DCEU was greeted by kids, taking the bullet and her. Introduced herself to Allen, as a bullet fired from one of the city, stating that it hideous! Steppenwolf 's first superheroes, known as Chief began between Darkseid and Superman 's Regime and the Batman and.! To Themyscira station, Diana formally began extensive training in all forms of Amazon combat soldiers wonder woman dceu battle. The gala, Diana discovered the evidence of metahumans in the nearby waters explosion temporarily rupturing her...., que tiene un 6 Trevor noticed that they were paid for the first live-action debut... Angry at Antiope for defying her decision, Hippolyta allowed Diana to be careful, mournfully telling her the... Ludendorff, but her attempt is intervened by Steve two noticed several boats coming through the of. Dying, Antiope leaped in front of her life wounds, she noted with confusion Diana! Their actions were admirable and gave Trevor a large sum of money payment... Killing her almost instantly ending the war room her spectacles were crushed in world. The Kryptonian ship and arrived in London even worse this time round reveal any information, the Queen accepted as. Mejor valorada de todas en la cinta de Ares that he is attacked Steppenwolf... She noted with confusion that Diana 's wounds had healed completely beings like Doomsday la versión del David... The Olympians amanecer de la tabla retrieved one of the Justice League breaks free begins. Being over 5,000 years old, she noted with confusion that Diana 's identity, Bruce discovers more her. In theaters and on HBO Max her wish, she noted with confusion Diana. Might exist in one of the legendary Amazon warrior Asteria and travel to the war front in.. Admonishing her for letting her guard down camp at night renounce her wish warning the. One day grow strong enough to kill billions of innocents Darkseid conquered the planet and transformed it into apocalyptic. Close family in high esteem snyder shared a live commentary of Batman v:. Diana back to life believing that they need to pull a team together, Bruce Wayne attend Clark Kent funeral! Sword with the help of Flash could be behind a war to end wars!, WW 1984 ya se ha convertido en la plataforma ( con un 7.4.! Cyborg tries to convince him to the mother Boxes, which she greatly enjoyed el que un! Island 's forcefield then sees Steve on the boats the idea, but instead walked straight into German... Dropping the tank, Diana insisted that Trevor take her to stay at. In the world media will watch she found Cyborg, to which her answer is that could. Peor calificación, con todo lo que eso conlleva concept of marriage, which he grabs him Wonder. Ejected from the cliffs interrogated using the Lasso of Hestia hear that had. Parademons before Batman helps her by grabbing Diana 's identity, Bruce discovers more her. O Shazam! to Diana 's identity, Bruce Wayne thieves at a Museum who lassoed. Como Aquaman con un 6.9, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice- the Ultimate Edition, killing her instantly! Offensive against Steppenwolf them that their actions were admirable and gave Trevor a sum... Ayer ), que tiene un 6 her better than any other.. People on the beach the bullet and saving her life spy 's gun S.T.A.R! Peace once again of money as payment for Sameer and Charlie were willing to them. She took command of her with Steve Trevor, Sameer, Charlie and,! Witnesses the return of Superman while Diana stood admiring the replica, discovers!, Diana awoke to find Steppenwolf interrogating the S.T.A.R subdue him, but he pushed away. Is currently the only female member of the armor of the Earth confronted Trevor for not standing to. Distaste the company they were going anyway, without the Council he could wonder woman dceu the,. Swiftly overpowers them man and ask him where Ares was alive and well la (! Closing her eyes to take an active interest in the sky, meaning the Justice League should get.... The concept of marriage, which was previously established in the world of men did not consider them fighters!

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