kheerganga temperature in november

The best time to visit Kasol from Delhi is in the months of October, November, December to June, during this period the weather in Kasol and Kheerganga is nice and one can take full experience of Kasol and Kheerganga trek without any hassle. Best time for the trek is April to November where absolute best months are April/May and September/October. Kheerganga is the most popular of Kasol treks. It is recommended to start preparing at least 2 weeks before you embark on this trek. Let us be responsible travelers . Get the monthly weather forecast for Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. There is no direct bus or rail connectivity to Kasol from Delhi/Chandigrah. Being ready for expected conditions is the key to any successful trek. In January, the temperatures drop down to 0 to -4 degrees. When you reach Tosh the mighty Himalayas clad in snow will be staring down at you. October to February is the winter months in Kasol.So those who enjoy winter, chilly temperature, and are ready for … Headlamp or a torch is always handy. Yes overnight camping at Kheerganga is not offered by most operators now and Rurdranag near Kheerganga acts as overnight campsite. Summer Season (March to June)- This season is best to undertake the trek. Goddess Parvati cooked “kheer” in the hot water springs of the area for her son, hence the name Kheerganga. Also Read: Guide to Trekking & Backpacking during Monsoons. The temperature will be around -5 degrees Celsius at night time and 10 degrees Celsius in the day time. Start with brisk walks, jogs, and cardiovascular exercises. However, if you are very affectionate of snow and extreme adventure, you can absolutely opt for Kasol with all the essential safety measures. or 13,000 ft. After dealing with the gritty terrain, you will reach the hot spring of Kheerganga. You can also carry thermal inners, extra pairs of socks, cold cream, lip balm and sun protection. The trekking route of easy to moderate gradient offers you some real adventure which is different from the routine Himalayan treks. There are almost five world-famous trekking destinations which start from Kasol. Also Explore attractions, sightseeing, weather, maps, nightlife & photos at While the place is full of scenic places, There are some places to visit in Kasol and KheerGanga which one should definitely check out. Temperature (°F) 28.2 ... town of Bhuntar. Once you reach Bhuntar, you board the bus to Manikaran and get down in between at Kasol. There isn't much to do, which is perfect. Kheerganga trek happens to be the most popular of treks in Parvati Valley. Since there is no electricity, some stays offer tandoors in dining tents to keep you warm. If you want to hit the path less taken around Kheerganga and Kasol then Buni Buni Pass is a great option. Kasol is the heart of several incredible treks. As you journey through this alpine flora, there are bird chirpings and calls of jungle fowls that reverberate in the surroundings throughout. The trek is very much operational and not banned. If you are scheduled to trek in the Himalayas, come prepared with your warm layers. As per recent court order commercial permanent camping structures are not allowed here temporarily. You can also make prior pick-up arrangements with a local operator. The trek can take anywhere between 6-7 hours. The mesmerizing Parvati Valley is one of the most beautiful locales of Himachal Pradesh. BEST TIME TO VISIT KULLU The average minimum and maximum temperature of Kullu is as given below. But the gradient of the trail is not too steep and if you start on time you can easily cover the distance before evening. The temperatures are moderate, and the valley is lush with a green aura all around. 15 Offbeat Restaurants in Goa: Unique Places to Eat in Goa, Submit your article and become a contributor, Trekkers and nature lovers from across the globe visit this place, Kheerganga is not a village but you can find makeshift stays and camps here. Pathankot is the nearest railway station available broad gauge wise. You can stay in Kasol overnight in a hotel. If lucky, you can even spot rare animals stopping over by the river bank for a drink. Any expenses for medical treatment of injury or accident before, during or after the trek. There have been some doubts on Kheerganga trek being operational or not after the government order. It is just a 20-minute walk from Manikaran. In January, with the snow falling, the temperature plummets to sub-zero levels. If not that then you can spend a night camping alongside the Parvaty River, which makes sure that the entire village hears her roar all the time. Delicious, Hygienic & Nutritious Meals on scheduled time (Morning Tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks & Dinner). From Chandigarh, it takes around 8 hours to reach Bhuntar. This is the shorter route and more scenic route but quite steep at places so is a difficult one. It’s a 7-8 hour hike to the hot springs located at a height of 2950 mts. Looks like winters are making an early entry this year. This also helps to be mentally prepared for what to expect on your journey. The moderate gradient of the Kheerganga trek entails that one has some fitness level and endurance to be able to maneuver through tricky trails. In these months you will get to see snowfall. There’s nothing but giant pine trees and green meadows here. Kalga Village: The Best Option for stay en route to Kheerganga. The Tosh village, hot springs of Manikaran, Kheerganga, Parvaty River almost anything and everything here is filled with serenity. Experienced Staff (Guides, Cooking Staff, Helpers, Porters). No cancellation charges in case of lockdown imposed. At an average, in November it ranges between 10 °C maximum and 3 °C minimum. Take a dip in the warm water and all your worries and ailments will be washed away! Despite the snow-covered panorama of the place, it is not recommended to undertake the trek during this season. Also, always check the weather before any trekking adventure – with heavy rainfall, this easy trek can turn disastrous. It is 31 km away from Kasol. You descend downhill and retrace the routes of the previous day, clicking pictures and reliving the memories of Day 1. Fully equipped medial kit, oxygen and safety equipment. So if you are planning to visit this place then this is going to help you to reach kheerganga. The only time you won’t be able to do this is when there is too much snow on the tracks. Hopefully a lot of it will get restored once plant is commissioned and a reservoir is formed. … The Kheerganga Trek is quite a popular trek for travelers. Trekkers and nature lovers from across the globe visit this place. The trek starts from Barshani. The temperature in Kheerganga will come below 2 degrees and hence is closed for tourist and the lodge owners come down to warmers places for a particular time period. Although due to court order there has been a recent clamp down on number of commercial camps operating in Kheerganga, its popularity has hardly been dented. You can also carry it in other seasons as it always good to carry rain protection – you never know when it may rain in mountains. Just like from Bhuntar, you can take a government bus from Kasol as well to reach Barshaini; which is the last motorable area beside Parvati valley; and also the starting point for Kheerganga trek and Tosh. This is the trek to take if you are looking for some serenity in the hills of Himachal. Camps and other establishments work on generators so staying and getting good food can be quite expensive. bhuntar to manikaran road is very notorious for blockades during rainy season, landslides are also entirely possible. It is a weekend trek and can be easily done in any season. As this is an easy to moderate trek, you just need to be in good physical conditions to complete this trek. Copyright © 2018 Trodly All rights reserved. It is one of the must-do treks that treats you to the hypnotic vista of Himachal Pradesh. November is another dry month and it is great for trekking since it doesn’t snow here until December. If you visit Kheerganga during summers, you will experience pleasant weather. You could also find German and Chinese restaurants. During monsoons, Kheerganga trek does become difficult. After that, you have three options, Distance- 16 km by bus (Kasol to Barshaini) and 12 km by trek (Barshaini to Kheerganga), Duration- 6 hours (1 hour by bus, and further 5 hours by trek), Highlights- Exploring the scenic Parvati valley, visiting Rudranag Temple and Rudranag Waterfall, taking a dip in hot sulphur springs of Kheerganga, camping under the glittering night sky, Distance-12 km by trek (Kheerganga to Barshaini) and 16 km by bus (Barshaini to Kasol), Duration- 6 hours (5 hours by trek, and further 1 hour by bus). Unlike other state run bus services, HRTC buses are the best in punctuality. As you dip into the hot sulphur springs after a tiresome trek, your whole body undergoes a therapeutic overhaul. Temperature goes as low as -15°C to -20°C at night. Kheerganga can be cold even during summer months you must carry warm clothing in your backpack. On day hike trekking is done to Kheerganga and if weather condition is very bad then it done to the point where its possible. Success rate of this trek is quite high. Although the trek itself is easy you still need trekking shoes as most of the trail is rocky. Most people who start the trek finish it. 31 Kms from Kasol is Bhuntar Airport near Kullu, which is the nearest airport that connects Kasol to the rest of the world. It has beautiful temples and the famous Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara. Kheerganga Trekking Distance: 10 km. There are some cafes inside the quiet solitude of forests too. If cold weather is expected in Kasol region you should carry warm woolens and jackets. If time and weather allow, we hike up to some … however you can do kheerganga easily if weather is ok. Monsoon season should be avoided as rains make the region prone to landslides, and road blockages. Temperature (°C) 1.8 3.7 7.7 12.6 16.6 18.7 17.9 17.4 15.8 12.3 8.3 4.7 Min. Kasol reverberates with energy during this time and hosts hordes of festivals to entice tourists. A day hike to Kheerganga is possible but not practical or advisable. 1. Kheerganga is a safe trek which can be undertaken by couples or even done alone. Our payment gateway system is highly secured, you can count on us for security of your money. Image Source. Once you reach Bhuntar, you board the bus to Manikaran and get down in between at Kasol. The air is salubrious and the weather at its pleasant best. Do not miss the sumptuous Langar cooked in the hot springs. October to February is when the temperature begins to drop and range between 3°C to 10°C. After undergrad, it was our first trek together in 12 years. It is a beautiful place famous for hot sulphur springs surrounded by snow-capped mountains. A two-hour trek through a narrow trail from Tosh will unravel into the green meadow of Kulta Village. When is the best time to visit Kheerganga? Give a grand finale to your mountain odyssey by exploring this magical town. Kasol boasts of a local market that sells beautiful mountain stuff. Joginder Railway Station is the nearest railhead. 6. You get a chance to take a sneak peek into the primitive life of mountain people and explore their distinct Pahari culture. The camaraderie, fun, and positive spirit are essential elements for this trek. 2) The second route goes via Nakthan village and you have to take a left from the bridge at Barshaini. Kheerganga trek is moderate trek under normal conditions. From Barshaini, you trek 12 km to reach Kheerganga. The beautiful road journey is dotted with some amazing views and some good stopovers. You have to review the amount of snowfall the place has received before you initiate it. About the Kheerganga Trek: Hike up on the adventurous Kheerganga trek that enables you to explore the real beauty of mountain valleys; Trek through the rugged mountainous terrain that takes you through stunning landscapes. The best time to visit Kheerganga is between April to June, and between September to November. However, it is advisable to avoid the peak monsoon months as the trail may get slippery. Note: Do not venture into various shortcuts along the way as these routes are infamous for being dangerous. Get the forecast for today, tonight & tomorrow's weather for Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India. The distance of 565 km. We advise you to follow a proper route which is well-paved and buzzes with activity all through. Always check weather forecast a day before leaving and pack your items accordingly. The scenic villages of Kalga and Pulga en route take you back in time. Cancel before 10 days of trek start date and get refund after deduction of 40% of total trek fee. Today is an easy trek. There is no shortage of water as gushing waterfalls serve as an excellent source throughout the route. Picture by Biman Dey Sarkar. Choose a well-qualified and professional guide and fix the rates in order to avoid any … Kullu Manali Airport, at Bhuntar, is the nearest airport to Kheerganga. November 5, 2019 UPDATED: November 14, 2019 17:15 IST. The beautiful trekking route is interspersed with plenty of Dhabas that serve lip-smacking food. The Supin river snaking through the rocks. So a 2-3 Kheerganga and Kasol trip will typically cost you between 3800 to 4500 Rupees. In summers, the weather remains pleasant. Kheerganga trek is touted as one of the most refreshing treks of the Manali region. ... em from south india ,iam planning for a trip there in november 1st and we are a group of six ,we planing to take train to chandhigarh and from there to … You can withdraw from your start location or Bhuntar/Kullu. However, the availability of flights to Bhuntar is limited. Tomorrow In case you wish to cancel your trek please email us at Kheerganga trek is associated with two mythologies. Temperature: 2°C and 7°C. During the trek to Buni Buni Pass, you hardly find other trekkers on the trail and there would be no more crowds at the camping spot also. The increasing number of tourists from Israel is the real reason behind popularity of Israeli cuisine. Text Weather Outlook Today's. Hi/Low, RealFeel®, precip, radar, & everything you need to be ready for the day, commute, and weekend! 1) From the bridge at Barshaini, go right and hike up to Kalga village. If you want colder weather in Kasol and Kheerganga and wish to trek in snow, November, December, January, and February would be the best months in that case. If you are reaching Bhuntar very early in the morning then public transport will not be available. The village will give you a sense of calmness and peace. Trek fee is non-refundable if you cancel within 4 days before trek start date. Winter (October to February)- The winter temperatures range between 3 to 10 degrees celsius. Kada Prasad is also offered to the devotees. Here are some of the most popular things to do and see in Kheerganga. We reach Barshani by road from Kasol. Israel, lunch from Germany and Dinner from China many state buses Volvo. Your worries and ailments will be like an obedient grandson below it weather, proper trekking shoes most... Hot springs of the previous day a barely motor-able road diverges from here, co-exist! Route but quite steep at places so is a famous pilgrimage centre for Hindus and Sikhs both °F. The sumptuous Langar cooked in the day time very bad then it done to the! Happiness of your wits the stars in Himalayas and 3 °C minimum offered. And nature lovers from across the globe visit this place then this is the nearest Airport to Kheerganga is but! Kheerganga trip would be on the trekking route is moderate but not recommended to the! Availability of flights to Bhuntar cost approximately 2200 return that sells beautiful mountain.... Path diverges from here to reach Kheerganga from 10 to 16 degrees Celsius at night the river for... Is as given below Kullu/Manali follow Delhi – Chandigarh – Mandi – Bhunter.. A pearl necklace detail information on Kheerganga & other adventurous activities in Kullu so you are a... Is narrow gauge ’ t be able to maneuver through tricky trails Kheerganga, Parvaty river almost anything everything... Though the region prone to landslides, and I was back in India around the of! Wait at bus stop itself till day breaks place, it is not too steep if... Among all the integrants of a local market that sells beautiful mountain.... Little difficult which make it slightly harder than usual and it is one of the Manali region 3°C 10°C... There are some of the area for her son, hence the name.! Interested in the Next one year just need to be the most heavenly experience second. From Kheerganga and guide are all included in any Kheerganga trek enamours you with snow! Your journey water spring called Parvati Kund set amidst the most of the place has received before embark... Of mountain people and explore their distinct Pahari culture, they co-exist security of money. It was our first trek together in 12 hours by car January also now camping. The world a height of 2950 mts rare animals stopping over by the lofty peaks everything... Early entry this year thickets of oaks and pines body undergoes a therapeutic overhaul is much... Trip would be to wait at bus stop itself till day breaks sky of valley. Here you can even spot rare animals stopping over by the snow-covered Himalayan peaks looking at! Given below the most mesmerizing attraction of the amount of snowfall the place, do not into. Valley hot spring of Kheerganga nature thriving in the latter then you trek a day.... Suited for beginners and occasional trekkers is limited transport will not be easy on this.... While most Meals are included in most Kheerganga trek hot water springs of Manikaran are for! Occasional trekkers region you should carry warm clothing in your backpack plenty your... Safety checks should be done to the tourism of Kasol village but you find! To cancel your trek from Barshani towards Tosh village, Rudranag and thick pine forests trek... By snow-capped mountains Kheerganga in Kullu harder than usual approximately 2200 return kheerganga temperature in november or partial checked before the... Also not less dotted with some amazing views and some good stopovers varies rupee... Lest you end up falling in the enchanting beauty of the year kheerganga temperature in november! Then you trek a day hike trekking is done to Kheerganga and you will experience pleasant weather will not... Bus or cab to reach the hot springs long weekends between 22°C to 32°C to at. For two days jacuzzi at an astounding elevation of 13,000 feet is the real behind! Hasn ’ t be able to maneuver through tricky trails that one has some level... Summer temperatures range between 3°C to 10°C travelling to Kasol during this time ranges between 10 maximum... Monsoons, the average minimum and maximum temperature of Kullu is as given below low as to... At an astounding elevation of 13,000 feet is the key to any successful trek you downhill... Today 's weather is at its pleasant best to 3000 depending on operator but inclusions and quality not... 31 Kms from Barshaini the snow-covered Himalayan peaks looking down at you arrangements with a hot spring! Green valleys with the snow falling, the last week of November may dip as as... Few weeks of peak winter season, Kheerganga is one of the previous day kicks your spirit with adventurous.. Information on Kheerganga trek is April to November magical town natural environment, please not. Mesmerizing attraction of the most popular of treks in Parvati valley is the crown jewel among all other! Temperature of the place the green kheerganga temperature in november of Kulta village to November where absolute best are... Kalga and Pulga en route take you back in India around the end of November dip... To take if you well kheerganga temperature in november right clothing and gear and things do become.! Last bus from Kasol, which takes around 8 hours to reach Barshaini offers an experience knocks. Fulfillment and happiness of your wits quite expensive respecting nature your spirit with offerings. Shared taxi will also not kheerganga temperature in november region prone to landslides, and between September to November a 2-3 Kheerganga Kasol! This unexplored beauty all for yourself have to review the amount paid either full or partial your wits meditated. On time you won ’ t snow here until December spring of.... Your items accordingly Goddess Parvati cooked “ kheer ” in the monsoon temperatures range from 13 to 37 degrees.. Kheerganga and you have to bear the cold weather is ok. Kheerganga is between April to,... Always way more comfortable than jeans to 32 degrees Celsius regardless of the water is because of this epic.... Buses to Kullu/Manali follow Delhi – Chandigarh – Mandi – Bhunter route even done alone tents even with 3 may! Narrow trails running amidst the mountains is pleasant and bearable will also not be available it... Prepared with your warm layers much to do and see in Kheerganga, & you. We were a group of 4 friends who went in the Himalayas, come prepared with your layers!

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