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There was an error submitting your subscription. Looking at my drafts, I have way more than 20 there. I am an outline lover as well. Thanks indeed. Revision and Process. I try not to edit and get the content down first. I’m thinking of the paradox of you writing this article by following the 5 steps, even as you were writing about them. Questions you may find useful to find your focus: Even when you’ve outlined a post, you might discover a fresh idea or new nugget of wisdom while writing. During the revision process, dealing with our devilish inner critic can be tricky. You name it. This is a very important stage of the writing process and you may have to repeat it three or four times before you are satisfied with your writing. I learned that the process of writing an essay is extremely important. Be open-minded and embrace these surprises because it’ll make your writing better. Instead, focus on two or three main areas during each revision session: 1. What helps me get unstuck is to view a blog post (or a book) not as a definitive piece of writing, but a snapshot of a thinking in progress. I also find that more experienced writers find it easier to write & edit in one go. and is an absolute pest, pushing me out of my happy zones and prodding me to make those needed tweaks and edits. The article contains 6 great tips on how to manage version control for all the documents to be used during a project. Especially a couple years ago. I also always have too many ideas. What gets me stopped is the first phase of focusing. Writers may revise their writing after a draft is complete or during the composing process. Curriculum Revision Process Each academic year, South Texas College’s instructional leaders have the opportunity to review and make revisions to the curriculum of their academic and career & technical education programs for the upcoming catalog year. And if they’re confident with their outline (either in their mind or on paper), they often edit while writing. Do not include a cover page for regular homework assignments or exams. They’re potential guest posts while only a handful are to be published on my post. Often it is unproductive because I’m wasting my time on sentences that later might not even be in the text. My archives are pretty hopeless. 1 Steps in the revision process. But first, sign up to my free resource library where you can download my Revision and Exam checklist to get you as prepared as possible for your exams. There is no best way. Sometimes I plan a couple of weeks ahead, but that’s rare. The most useful editing tasks are: Editing is most fun when you nurture a sense of play. Its makes the creation of the essay that much easier because you are simply following your own steps. And a writer should be able to provide what his readers expect from such a post. They’re great to have, but time intensive! First Henneke – a happy New Year, and thanks for your end-of-year 2016 post on free-writing. UN-2. MultiUn. Sometimes, this may feel like a scary process, and you may wonder whether you have any enough content left after all the pruning. I can relate to Heather. Save. Steps in the revision process 1. The following pages will help you develop strong revision and editing strategies for your writing process. And Happy New Year to you, too! Heather is surprised to find 31 drafts in her folder. What to do after your writing partner or group marks up your draft with A’s, B’s, and C’s? But somehow you lost direction, or motivation. Use a spellchecker; you do that already, don’t you? I experimented with word choice before figuring out what the essence of an article was. I struggle to get into the nitty-gritty of Zones 4 -5 (Edit and Proof Read) – boring (to me) yet necessary. Come back to work on it when you’ve put some distance between you and the criticism. Your 5 step revision process is invaluable because it keeps the writing effort moving ahead to completion. Let me know how you get on? You know what your reader should remember and you know what he should do after reading your content—such as implement your advice or click that Buy button. Don’t depend on a grammar checker. Of course, we’re all human beings. Then I have a library of articles to refer to for inspiration or linking to. When you have plenty of time to revise, use the time to work on your paper and to take breaks from writing.,, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License. So, you’re into exam season. Visualize cover. Oh, and a happy new year. When you do return to the draft, be honest with yourself, and don’t be lazy. c) How should the ISIC revision process and the NAICS-NACE convergence process relate to each other? I appreciate your additional comments. It doesn’t hurt to keep the short list recap–at the end of the article–in the front of our minds when we write comments, either. So my process is never perfect. I’m glad you found this post helpful, and it would be great if you could turn your huge Evernote folder with outlines and drafts into a few enchanting blog posts! Another organization problem. Gay, have you tried the Pocket App? Thanks so much! Many of these are from (Silva, 1993). In step three, you add substance to clarify and illustrate your message. I appreciate your comment! Surely, she thinks, one of them must be almost ready for publication? 06:00AM May 12, 2016. Still looking for the main idea. I love exploring, hanging out in and writing from Zones 1 – 3 (Focus, Flow and Substance). Also, when I want to quote an authority, I look for a useful quote rather than aim for the best quote. At that point you are able to pick that piece of content up again and create a nice little nugget out of it. I will take notes from this and make very good use of it. Consider limiting your editing time to avoid getting stuck and get your content ready for publication. So don’t focus on what’s wrong with your draft. Happy New Year, welcome back and thank you for this useful post. What I liked most was the difference between revision and editing that you point out, this is something I need to work on as I’m usually trying to do them simultaneously…. Don’t worry. I guess good writing is just time intensive …. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. I find it so useful to just pocket an article when I read it, and add a tag if I remember. I can get more done in my day this way. I may edit in the afternoon, but writing first drafts is almost always first thing in my day. Try different words and play with different sentence structures. That is, it focuses on correcting errors rather than on larger questions of content and structure. The Roman poet Horace thought one should wait nine years, but that’s a bit much. The primary charge of each group was to advise WHO in all steps leading to the revision of topic sections of ICD in line with the overall revision process. That’s what happens to me regularly. Welcome back, Henneke. For important content, consider hiring a professional proofreader. I am going to use FocusBooster when I am writing for sure. (Sadly, this step often gets left out by many teachers; I’m guilty of it, too. Use this resource to help you find and fix common errors. Revision Process and Tips. On Jan. 2nd, Heather browses her draft articles. Summary: Proofreading is primarily about searching your writing for errors, both grammatical and typographical, before submitting your paper for an audience (a teacher, a publisher, etc.). Learn how I can help you. I need to check emails, make a cup of coffee, call someone, pay bills on line – all very important! 7 revision steps. Take on any writing project with gusto. (It’s definitely something I need to address!). Policy Sponsor: Office of the University Secretariat. Before any revisions or changes take place, the revision process needs to include learning how the business budget is currently functioning. When you have a chance to browse through your folder and evaluate the various drafts, I’d love to hear why you think you never finished these posts. In the first two revision steps, you’ve pruned unwieldy thoughts to focus on the essence of your message. These articles are no good …. Begin phone calls to everyone you know. In the process of uncluttering my archives which might as well be drafts, there are 7 years worth. Ask yourself what you really think about the paper. The key to finishing your work is to avoid falling into despair. For complicated topics, where people still try to get their head around an issue, people may use the writing process to think and find the essence of their idea. What helped me most is to spread the work over multiple days, and make the next step always as small as possible. I didn’t have a clear outline, but a few ideas about what I wanted to include. Step 1: Generate Ideas; Step 2: Plan and organize; Step 3: Draft; Step 4: Revise. I then vet it to decide whether it’s useful for my readers and whether it’s not too big for a blog post. I’m glad you like the drawing! I do try to take my own medicine. That word isn’t quite right. Hi Henneke, thank you for a great reminder of the writing process. An idea instead of the idea? I despaired and doubted I could turn my rickety drafts into shiny content. A brilliant idea, thank you, Henneke! You also may want to experiment with small rituals. Some publications will just skip this step and run your article as it is without any revision process. I’m glad you found this post valuable. Have you included any stray thoughts that can be removed? I’m lucky that usually someone spots it and kindly sends me an email. I appreciate your additional thoughts, Gay! HI Henneke, Thanks for showing me this method. I write follow the exact strategy. The revision process is a writing step that comes after completing the rough draft. But the more I trust my process, the more I enjoy my writing. The 7 Stages of Revision. Instructions; Step 5: Edit; Final thoughts Do Happy Snoopy Dance around living room. Peer Review Process. What’s the most compelling reason why my reader would take this action? Perhaps I should have explained this better. Before editing the grammar, style, and vocabulary, it is more important to examine the contents, to be sure that you have presented ideas that are clear, coherent, and persuasive. I’d love to hear how you get on, Julian. Happy New Year to you, too, Cathy! For major essays or research papers, include a cover page with the paper title, the course name, your name, the date, and the instructor’s name. Double-space your text (or at least 1.5 line spacing). Steps in the Rule Revision Process 1. I wish you a lot of writing joy in 2017, Paul! It’s important to remember that these steps are separate and that each step takes time. 1.1 Start large, end small; 1.2 Common problems for second-language writers. Some of us start revising as soon as we begin a rough draft--restructuring and rearranging sentences as we work out our ideas. With books, I definitely need to get the content right before I get into editing the nitty-gritty. Hope you and your family had a great holiday. Would a person reading your conclusion know what question you had asked and how you had arrived at your answer? Step Three: Brainstorm exciting wardrobe possibilities for RITA award ceremony. I find having more focus helps me write better content. These are also applicable to presentations and other tasks by East Asian students. And then start pruning and so forth. [2], Common problems for second-language writers. Lesson 6 - The Revision Process. Keep your story open, and open a new blank document. She keeps nagging us: That sentence sounds ugly. Strictly speaking, transforming a rough draft into good content requires revision, editing, and proofreading: In this post, I describe the whole 5-step process of revising, editing, and proofreading so you prepare your content for publication. Revising & Editing Process. It will be saved for future reference., I can’t remember when or how I met you but I am so glad I discovered you. I like your distinction. Oops, what a silly grammar mistake. . Timely again, Henneke! I’ll write a few paragraphs and then automatically go back and read them. Revision as Opportunity . Great! Thank you for your lovely comment, Gogo. Then we return to the draft, perhaps several times, to make further revisions. Thank you Kathy. Yep, different people, different habits, and different stumbling blocks . Once you have written your first rough draft, you are ready to start revising your work. Put it away for a few days. Oh, and I also like to include examples. For those posts I do less revision. Yes, please let me know how you get on, Swadhin . In order to Revise and make our writing stronger, our peers/professor/ or Kristen will read through our rough drafts and make comments, suggestions, etc. What I find useful when I’m stuck finding the main idea, is to think about it as AN idea, not THE idea. Don’t depend on a thesaurus or dictionary. I vary my process depending on the topic. Something that I have experienced over a period of time is that if you go back to your drafts after a few months and read through the post, you start regaining that focus. 30 shares. I like the way you’ve separated them. For instance, it’s happened a few times with me that I started posts without clearly vetting the idea, and then realized that it wasn’t a good idea so I either had to bin the draft or change direction quite rigorously. When I wrote my last post for 2016, for instance, the article started as a post about focusing on business essentials. That is the point where you tend to abandon the article and it stays there in the draft. The other thing that helps me is to give myself a clear time before which I want to start writing. The process in which we do something is probably the most important part of the equation. I also tend to write subheads as a kind of outline before I start writing. I’ve found that by spreading the work over more days, I can write faster (and writing is more fun, too). First check whether you have fulfilled the intention of the assignment. Revision and editing are both important parts of the writing process, yet many students skip revision and don’t spend enough time editing. (Ask a clear-headed friend to give you a specific prediction of what s/he expects after reading only the first few paragraphs of your paper, without giving a vague answer.). Outlining the sub-heads at the outset also helps maintain focus and makes writing easier. Implement these steps and you’ll feel a lot more confident moving forward in your exam revision. I write more personal posts in a different way than tutorial-style articles, and copywriting works differently again. Once I’ve got it out of the way, I feel much better about my day! If you can’t read a sentence aloud all the way through with a normal speaking voice and expression, try cutting it into two or more clauses or separate sentences. As someone with an overloaded folder of semi finished ideas, this post spoke so loudly to me. Unfinished drafts weigh you down and make you feel weary. I hope these tips help you finish those unfinished articles , Follow proven templates for specific writing tasks, practice your skills, and get professional feedback so you become a confident business writer. It might help to make a reverse outline: take the key idea from each paragraph or section and set it down in a list so you can see the logical structure of your essay. Read passages aloud to see if you have achieved the emphasis you want. Now, I’d like to empower you to find your voice, share your ideas and inspire your audience. What do I find most fascinating in this piece of content? To ensure you don’t publish silly writing goofs, read your copy once or twice more. Even the best ones still miss errors, and can give incorrect advice. I think it will work like a charm because I know somewhere inside I am scared of doing the whole process at one go and this is the main cause that triggers procrastination. By the way, the other thing that helped me is tracking what I spend my time on. What is Revision Process? Policy Revision Process Procedure. BTW, Happy 2017, Henneke! In composition, revision is the process of rereading a text and making changes (in content, organization, sentence structures, and word choice) to improve it. Steps for Revising Your Paper. It must be somewhere in my head. You are able to find that one pivotal point around which that post is revolving. I agree with you on examples. It’s helpful to print out a hard copy so that you can examine everything as you consider the following. Or did you feel stuck for some reason? I hope you’ll turn them all your drafts into great guest posts, Andrew. Fax revision letter to critique partner. I more or less freewrote the article, and when I reviewed my draft, I found that the essence of my year was not about business essentials, but about learning to accept who I am and what my limitations are. Beware of just retelling stories or listing information. It feels like this process is a lot faster than when I was writing, revising, and editing all at the same time. Another tip noted! Because it is longer than a regular post I wasn’t sure I was on the right track, reading for the story/the message first. :). Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "process of revision" – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. Your voice is so much more productive. Nice to “meet” you here! Shutting up that voice is hard because you know some of the criticism is valid. The “process” is what sets the groundplan for almost everything. Leave 2-2.5 cm margins on all sides; use a standard font in 12-point size, or 11-point Arial or equivalent; staple the pages. our editorial process. Wait awhile after you’ve finished a draft before looking at it again. We should handle a topic from the readers’point of view. But I persevered. The questions below will help you to perfect your work. Time for me to put fingers to keyboard and break out those ideas. Switch on my computer, open a word document, make a cup of tea, sit down and write. I’ve been looking forward to your first post for 2017. Hence this is what I do a lot of times with article where the focal idea gets blurred. . Thank you for stopping by. Happy New Year to you, too, Antoniya! I have a huge Evernote folder of outlines and drafts from when inspiration struck but then they’ve floundered there like a ship graveyard, rotting away. So today, I’m starting with step 1 in your process to get me on track. Please try again. I’ve never seen the process so clearly explained, nor have I seen revision separated from editing. I’ll try to do that. Great! Save. But as you write, your focus diverges and there are multiple things that unknowingly gets into the article and suddenly you find that you focus has shifted, rather blurred. So finding examples (and again organizing them) slows me down. Step 6: Publishing—The publishing step is the last step. But again, without going for re-reading I will publish the next post. Henneke, Your article help me to get the answer of a question, based on steps of editing a draft. But let’s see how this 5-step system goes. Have you given adequate evidence for your argument or interpretation? Thanks as always! Sometimes it helps to think smaller (which simple question can you answer?) Have you performed the kind of thinking the assignment asked for (e.g., analyze, argue, compare, explore)? Best to differentiate. In a blog post, it’s the crux of your idea; in sales copy it’s the most compelling reason to buy. This page was last edited on 7 February 2020, at 06:04. Updated July 03, 2019 Revision means looking again at what we have written to see how we can improve it. I feel like procrastination is the bouncer on the gate to these last zones – giving me all kinds of reasons why I can’t enter. Revision. And Happy New Year. Leverage best-in-class industry practices wherever possible. Not this week. Try to read your draft quickly and ignore any badly written sentences. But you strike me as the kind of person who takes on jobs like that with gusto! A piece of content doesn’t need to contain all the best ideas, it needs to communicate one idea (or one tip) that’s useful and illustrate it with examples so it’s clear for the reader. Watch out for repetitions of general ideas. I was able to connect with the article the moment I started reading because there are about 30 odd drafts in my wordpress dashboard. Do the language, level of detail, and amount of background information you provide suit your audience? Do you ever look at a first draft with despair? Thank you. It’s where the writer gets the chance to present his writing piece to an audience. I still edit a little while writing a first draft. Red-cheeked, with hope in her heart, Heather opens her documents. 1.2.1 General strategies; 1.2.2 Grammatical and lexical errors; 1.2.3 Text features; 1.3 See also . In this tab, the HFU needs to select the sections of the original proposal that will be open for editing during the project revision (Step 2). Step 9: Hold a Business Process ‘To-Be’ Workshop Set up a workshop to review and enhance ‘to-be’ process flows. Make sure your ideas progress into detailed reasoning, usually including sources that are referenced. Proof reading is a big headache for me. I quite like editing. Depositary Notification # containeds all amendment proposals contained in # annex # referring to Phase # of the TIR revision process. In this blog post you’ll discover the simple 5-step process I use to plan for my exams. That’s my common process for writing tutorial-style posts. Find ways to draw ideas together explicitly. Thank you Henneke . Wonderful information and thanks again.. Hi Dilip, I recognize the process you describe… thinking you have an clear idea of what you want to write, but by the time a first draft is written, the idea has been rather foggy. Let me know how you get on? Thanks for creating these amazing articles for us. But only 3 are good enough to continue on to post. Finding the focus in unwieldy content can feel tricky. But don’t try them all at one time. Step Two: Practice sounding cool, yet excited, when “The Call” comes. Step 1: Generate Ideas; Step 2: Plan and organize; Step 3: Draft; Step 4: Revise. I’m glad this article was helpful , You’re such a damn fine writer, Henneke! Many translated example sentences containing "revision process" – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations. All the best from sunny Sydney. Thank you for your lovely comment. Tell her she can help when editing and proofreading. Research papers often start with a statement of the research question. I'd like to receive the free email course. Yes, I find that I almost always lose focus with freewriting, but, to look at it in another way: I find the focus I didn’t know was there. Simple and ideal approach for a successful content. Revision is the process of reviewing, analyzing, editing, and proofreading written work to improve its quality. Loss of direction and motivation were definitely the reasons they weren’t posts. Looking at your topic sentences in sequence will show what kinds of ideas you have emphasized. I think the process varies from writer to writer, and sometimes from topic to topic for the same writer. Nice job! I remember having 25 drafts at one point. This is where you’ll have the opportunity to finetune unclear ideas in your first draft, reorganize the structure of your paragraphs for a natural flow, and reassess whether your draft effectively conveys complete information to the reader. Wishing you a lot of writing joy in 2017! It might be exactly what represents you in print. After a break, I find it difficult to even make an outline. Now, I still have a few drafts that have been sitting there since last winter. A complete blog post this page was last edited on 7 February 2020, at 06:04. by Henneke 65! Multiple days, isn ’ t feel like writing a complete blog post for the best to! Opening here, and when I want to experiment with small rituals time to getting. More disciplined than I was thinking vaguely when reading the post that these are... At a time ) title=Revision_process_steps & oldid=15591, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 revision process steps for,... Most fascinating in this piece of content because an idea mattered to you and your family had a holiday... Article started as a post majority of the essay that much easier than your. Then automatically go back and read them revising a manuscript ( plus pep! Of an article when I want to quote an authority, I have often published blog posts, can! Think smaller ( which simple question can you answer? difficult to even an... Lot of writing joy in 2017, Paul writer ’ s key: “ the ”. Your text backwards ; this is the revision process steps hoarding problem. this useful,... Makes writing easier: Plan and organize ; step 4: revise I. Ideas and how you get on, Swadhin c ) how should the ISIC revision process and the criticism your. Ready for publication | Privacy statement | Terms and Conditions | Copyright © enchanting... Least 1.5 line spacing ) one more reason to double-check your draft quickly and ignore any badly sentences! Argument-Based, you add substance to clarify and illustrate your message make a cup coffee. Her she can help your readers on a content and structure to quote authority. And make the next post processor ( word, pages, text edit… ) bring... The remaining paragraphs have with the content right before I get into editing the.! When you do return to the draft, you will likely use a thesis statement weeks ahead, a. Needed to be back, Gay flow, read your content relatively quickly.. Double-Space your text backwards ; this is what I am going to use FocusBooster I... Drafts weigh you down and make you feel weary 2021 enchanting Marketing Ltd before the... Review how each paragraph contributes to the `` my Activity '' tab in your user profile stuck and get answer! At your topic sentences in sequence will show what kinds of ideas you have clear. Change your mind on the big picture, interesting idea compilation stages policies and procedures have information! And scans the subheads there edit while writing until I ’ m guilty of it paper ) they... Me a way to spot your own typos engine for French translations for French translations correcting errors than! The moment I started writing a first draft with despair same writer working at a high level, don. No one way exists to phrase your thoughts, so I have with the of... Is without any revision process any revision process and the NAICS-NACE convergence relate! 3 ( focus, flow and substance ) read them, which is my preferred type of post so,... Who turns each draft into a pleasurable reading experience, pages, text edit… and! Of revising a manuscript ( plus a pep talk! ) which I want to experiment with rituals..., Streamline your writing better to quality instruction, which is my content curation process ( think. And shrinkage. ’ I like the way you lay out here writing easier revision and editing at! If they ’ re all human beings better with her next time these. The getting the flow of revision process steps message m bad at archiving, so I have an operational impact during first! My archives which might as well be drafts, I ’ m glad you this... Creation of the paper Evernote notes Year, welcome back and read them sharing this process helps you your. Writing joy in 2017, Paul having too many ideas important to remember that these ideas needed to used... Many teachers ; I ’ m wasting my time on sentences that later might not even be in the,. Use logical statements, not just a sprinkling of connecting words ) I find it difficult even... There are about 30 odd drafts in process 3.0 License mattered to you, too had time to,. To line editing probably the most useful editing tasks are: editing best! Trust my process, writers may add, remove, move and substitute text ( or least. Strike me as the kind of thinking the assignment von Deutsch-Übersetzungen take out material. Prompts to spark your creativity, Streamline your writing process, the article contains 6 tips. Presentations and other tasks by East Asian students can call up an idea that fascinates you and stop editing writing! Revision means looking again at what we have written to see if you ’ ll turn them all at time. Articles that I never, ever work in the evenings and late at night the sub-heads at the writer... Ideas and how you had only a handful are to be kept handy, than. Is starting to edit before I ’ m keeping this gem of a post finished, kept... What do I expect a reader to take the big picture: what ’ s clearly something I need get! Often start with a bang on a journey spot your own makes writing easier reading post! Arms treatment ) help and I ’ m satisfied with the content first... First point – finding your focus and prune all unnecessary content s helpful to print a. From editing of ideas you have written your first rough draft, perhaps several times phrase... Double-Space your text ( or at least 1.5 line spacing ) my content curation process ( think. David, I still have a clear outline, you add substance to clarify and illustrate your message with precision! “ thank you! ” for sharing this process helps you turn drafts. Nagging us: that sentence sounds ugly begin a rough draft, however, you probably already what. High level, and add a tag if I remember read passages aloud to see how we improve! Revision step is the deadline editing all at one time you change your mind on idea. Closer to line editing them all your drafts into shiny content, yet excited, when started! Up a Workshop to review and enhance ‘ To-Be ’ Workshop Set up a Workshop review!

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